We provide a comprehensive architectural service. Typically, a GSA project will take the following course:

Initial Site Visit

We will visit your site to assess development possibilities. You can express your plans, hopes, and expectations, while we obtain a practical and feasible project brief.

Presentation of Fee Proposal

An estimate of architectural service costs will be presented for your approval.

Commencement Sketch Design

Guided by the project brief, we will commence the design. Presenting you with initial concepts for discussion.

Design Development

This stage will consist of various consultations to discuss issues of materials and functionality of interior space. We will present various options including 2D plans, rendered elevations and 3D renders. Our client is informed as to the numerous forms their project could take. Many key decisions about the direction of the project are made during this phase.

Proposed Design Approval

A refined design is presented and approved by the client.

Commencement of Submission Process

Our expertise in town planning allows us to take care of the submission process for you. We can help you acquire your town-planning or building permit as soon as possible.

Project Management

With many partners in the building industry, GSA can take your project from concept to reality. As a natural progression of our architectural service, we can provide comprehensive project management.